Whole Foods has inked a deal with New York company Ocean Hugger Foods to supply their faux fish, Ahimi.

Customers will be able to purchase the product in pre-made rolls from 1 November in Whole Foods stores in New York and Los Angeles.

Ahimi is primarily made from raw tomatoes. The company uses a method from chef James Corwell to alter the texture and flavour of the tomato by removing the tart flavour, before adding soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil and filtered water. The end product is said to resemble the mouthfeel of raw tuna.

The product was designed as a way to combat overfishing by creating a sustainable, plant-based alternative to tuna. Ahimi is free of mercury, PCB and other toxic materials.

Combined with rice, soy and seaweed, the end result is pretty close to tuna in terms of appearance and texture, but ahi tuna’s distinct fatty taste can never be replicated.

Image credit: Ocean Hugger Foods 

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