It’s no secret that staffing represents a huge expense for foodservice businesses in Australia – not just because of wage costs and the penalty rate entitlements associated with a casual workforce, but also because turnover rates are high, and as such operators are frequently required to hire and train new recruits.

The hospitality industry is infamous for having a transient workforce and in a sector where margins are tight and SME operators need to work both on and in the business at all hours of the day and night, the need to outsource the recruitment process has never been greater.

Skilld is aiming to alleviate some of the hiring stresses faced by Australian cafes, restaurants, bars and clubs by providing operators with a system that connects them with suitable candidates, sharing essential information including work history, availability, location, qualification/certifications, citizenship/visa status and career goals.

Skilld estimates that the cost of replacing an average hospitality employee is approximately 23 percent of their gross annual salary. Advertising for new employees costs an average of $8,500 per venue, per year, but Skilld can help bring this figure down to around $600 by quickly and easily connecting operators with a number of suitable candidate, preventing them from having to sort through countless CVs, wasting both time and resources. This means more profit for you to reinvest in your business, whether it be a refurb, a menu overhaul or perhaps investing in your staff’s professional development so they remain engaged and loyal to your company?

Strengthen your team and reduce your recruitment costs. Head to Skilld’s website, sign up and start contacting suitable candidates. 


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