Sydney restaurateur Sam Christie has closed the doors of his most recent venture, Subcontinental.

Located underneath his Thai fine diner, Longrain in Surry Hills, Subcontinental opened in February last year to rave reviews, thanks to its unique take on cuisine from the Subcontinent.

According the Christie, the reason behind the closure was simply that the venue’s lease had expired, adding that he’s in no rush to find a new location and is currently focusing on taking his and business partner Jonathan Barthelmess’ Greek restaurant concept, The Apollo, to Japan.  

“We’re not looking for a new location immediately,” Christie told Hospitality. “I’ve got a fair bit on this year but the restaurant’s definitely not dead as far as I’m concerned. I have four restaurants in Sydney and that was my favourite one to eat at.”

Christie says that Subcontinental’s head chef, Victor Chung, has since landed a new position doing Sri Lankan catering.

The Apollo will be opening in Tokyo, Japan in late March, 2016.


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