International Chinese hotpot restaurant, Simmer Huang has partnered with former Masterchef finalist Alivn Quah.

As part of the partnership, Quah has developed a guest recipe for Simmer Huang’s menu as part of its ‘Simmer Series’ of ambassadors program.

“I’m very passionate about Asian cuisine and I love the interactive concept behind Simmer Huang,” says Quah. “Food unites people and I think there’s nothing more fun than people coming together to all eat from one big pot. I’ve really enjoyed developing a special recipe that incorporates such a unique cooking technique.”

In addition to the partnership with Quah, Simmer Huang will be opening a new venue in Chatswood on Sydney's north shore. The new venue is located in Chatswood's new dining precint, The District.

The menu at Simmer Huang is a culmination of ancient family recipes. The restaurant’s simmer pots are unique versions of traditional Chinese hot pots, comprising fresh ingredients and a spectrum of “secret” sauces. The Simmer Pots are assembled and cooked by Simmer Huang staff at each table. Wait staff also spin and stretch out long noodles, which are added to the Pot’s leftovers, along with broth, to create a bubbling soup.

The chain now has over 500 restaurants worldwide, with the Chatswood venue representing the brand’s first “fourth generation” venue. The restaurant will be the first Simmer Huang venue to include a bar, which will boast an innovative cocktail list featuring unique ingredients such as peanut soup, Chinese hawthorn sugar, Makgeolli, and jujube tea.

Giant Design is the brainchild behind the design of the venue. The interior combines traditional elements of China via liberal use of the colour red, and wooden structures inspired by traditional Chinese buildings.

Simmer-huang-Hometown-chicken-M.jpgSimmer Huang's Hometown chicken

Sour-bowl-M.jpgSimmer Huang's Sour Bowl

Alaskin-king-Brab-2-M.jpgAlaskan King Crab Simmer Pot

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