Saint Peter’s Josh and Julie Niland will open Fish Butchery in Sydney’s Paddington on Tuesday 17 April.

The retail store is the first of its kind and will sell Australian fish that’s cut and prepared to order.

“Opening Fish Butchery is part of our ongoing dream to encourage people to eat a wider variety of fish,” says Josh.

“We want to make lesser-known varieties of fish not just a restaurant experience, but commonplace at home. By eating a wider variety [of fish], we take the pressure off the stock standard and highly commercialised selection.”

Fish Butchery will work directly with fishermen as well as the Sydney Fish Markets, and will showcase species including Tommy Ruff, Tasmanian octopus, Mooloolaba Mahi Mahi and Leather Jacket.

Fish will be handled dry which intensifies flavour and stored between 0-2 degrees Celsius without a fan. “Storing and handling fish in this way intensifies the flavour profile of the fish and offers a real difference in the final cooked product,” says Josh.

“It also extends the shelf life of most fish species, which means we can purchase the best available each day without wastage.”

Fish will be dry-scaled, filleted, pin-boned and when appropriate, dry aged. Fish will be available cut to order.

Fish Butchery will also offer takeaway fish and chips and sell kitchen tools for the home including custom-made fish weights.

The store is located at 388 Oxford Street Paddington, and will be open from 10am-6:30pm Tuesday to Sunday.

Image credit: Mark Best


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