The hospitality industry is becoming more and more competitive, and finding and retaining staff is certainly one of the biggest challenges facing business owners today.

Creating an empowering and positive workplace culture is another significant challenge albeit an important one. So too is finding staff that reflect and embody that culture.

Businesses owners should note the importance of reflecting upon the culture that they have built within their company, ensuring that the culture they wish to showcase is actually being displayed, both internally and externally. A positive and nurturing culture is not only crucial in terms of meeting market and consumer expectations, but it can also play a large part in attracting the type of staff you want to employ and retain.

Released earlier this year, the Culture Amp’s Retail & Hospitality Benchmark Report 2016 highlights a number of issues that affect employee retention and engagement within the hospitality industry. The report showed that although hospitality ranked high in recommendation, pride and motivation, it also ranked poorly in regards to retention when compared to other industries. For instance, only 40 percent of all casual and part-time staff and only 51 percent of all full-time staff involved in the study said they weren’t looking for other employment.

The report also found that only 38 percent of hospitality professionals believed their total compensation was fair in relation to similar roles in other companies, compared to 46 percent of people in other industries. Although these findings could simply be a result of the unique working nature of the hospitality industry, they ultimately impact on culture and employee retention.

As a business owner, you can help counteract these perceptions by ensuring your company culture is respectful, professional and inviting to potential employees. To then ensure that you attract the best job seekers to your business, getting in contact with Frontline Hospitality recruitment services is a must. As a specialist recruitment company with over 20 years’ experience, Frontline Hospitality prides itself on matching candidates to businesses that not only fulfil their financial and career needs, but their cultural needs as well. This matching of employer and employee needs helps a company thrive, stand out from the crowd and secure only the best for their business.

Frontline Hospitality has a number of passive candidates on its database who are not actively searching for a new role, but would move for the right opportunity. Contact Frontline Hospitality for more information. 


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