Chef Somer Sivrioglu of Balmain’s Efendy will be bringing his signature Turkish flavours to Barangaroo with the opening of Anason.

Scheduled to open at the end of the month, Anason will be located on the harbourfront within the Anadara building, making it the first permanent restaurant to open on Barangaroo’s Wulugul Walk.

Somer has handpicked an exceptionally talented team to head up the kitchen including Murat Buvan from Melbourne’s Attica and Norway’s Vaalhaans; Ozge Donmezoglu, head chef at gram and research chef at Refika’s Kitchen, both of which are located in Istanbul; and Inal Erdener, of Alancha in Turkey’s Cesme, and 29, also located in Istanbul.

The menu comprises mezes of charcoal octopus leg with mastic and couscous; cherry tuzlama with dried wild weeds; and lamb short fillet with eggplant begendy. In terms of desserts, expect to see the likes of buffalo milk yogurt, honeycomb, and pistachio.

Traditional street food such as the sesame ring simits will also be on offer. The pretzel-like snacks will be baked in a custom-made saj oven and served from a cart imported from Turkey.

Imported Turkish wine, beer and raki along with traditional Turkish coffee will also be on offer.

The design of the venue expresses Turkish cuisine and culture in the geometric planning, use of colour, and unique elements such as large ceiling lanterns. Interior architect George Livissianis has used a deep blue throughout which is complemented by a neutral blend of concrete, steel, and mirrors.


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