The latest findings from Roy Morgan Research have found that Australian adults drink at least one liqueur in any given four weeks, with one particular brand far outshining its competitors.

In the 12 months to March 2016, at least one serve of Baileys Irish Cream was enjoyed by 574,000 Australians over the age of 18. This is three times more than that of second place-getter, Kahlua, which was enjoyed by 165,000 Australians.

Jgermeister (123,000) and Midori (121,000) are in third and fourth place respectively, with Cointreau coming in at fifth (104,000).

Women drink an average of five glasses of liqueur per four weeks, just ahead of men, who drink four glasses on average in the same period.

While there isn’t a significant difference between the number of Australian men (716,000) and women (767,000) who drink liqueurs in any given four weeks, some brands are markedly more popular with one gender than the other.


Bailey’s Irish Cream, Kahla, Frangelico and Tia Maria are much more popular amongst female drinkers, while liqueurs more popular with men include Jgermeister and Sambuca (Galliano).

Just over three quarters (76.1 percent) of Australia’s liqueur drinkers consume only one brand in an average four week period. The 18-24 year-old age bracket, however, is less loyal, with nearly 35 percent of this demographic consuming two or more brands in an average four weeks.


Norman Morris, industry communications director, Roy Morgan Research, said “Liqueurs do not account for a huge slice of the overall alcohol market: in fact, as we revealed recently, for every 100 glasses of liquor consumed by Aussie adults in an average four weeks, only two are liqueur. But they are still an important category, with the potential for growth if brands are strategic about how they market themselves.”


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