Sydney coffee roasters Stitch Coffee have long supplied some of the city’s renowned cafes, including Two Chaps and Cavalier 2.0. This week, they officially moved into the consumer market with the opening of a flagship store on Bay Street near Sydney’s Broadway.

The Stitch Coffee flagship is half café, half retail concept. Customers will have the opportunity to sample any of Stitch’s signature blends before they can choose to have beans ground to take home. There will also be an extensive in-house offering, including a filter bar, a matcha pod station, a range of teas and a small selection of pastries.

Sustainability will be at the heart of the store’s operations. Alongside its broad range of ethically sourced coffee, sustainable packaging will be used for retail products and compostable takeaway cups will be made from leftover plant husks.

The Stitch Coffee flagship is led by veteran barista Nawar Adra, formerly of Circa Espresso and Brewtown Newtown.

“We wanted to design an experience that was different to your usual coffee shop,” says Adra.

“A place that would help people understand more about the coffee they’re drinking and how great flavour profiles are created through blends. We wanted to make specialty coffee blends approachable and easy to understand, conceptualising an approach where people can actually try before they buy.”

Stitch Coffee Broadway is now open for service Monday to Saturday.