Following close to two years of experimenting and fine tuning, Melbourne’s Retail Savvy Group has launched a first for Australia: 12 different cocktails on tap.

Head cocktail bartender, Sam Hatherley says that he and the team have been practicing and perfecting the art of tapped cocktails at one of the Group’s venues, Father’s Office over the past two years and have now come “as close as ever” to perfecting the drinks at the venue’s sister bar, Asian Beer Caf.

Anna Carosa, managing director of the Group says that the tapped cocktails will provide exceptional service efficiencies without compromising on taste.

“We had Andale construct a special 12 cocktail tap station and now we’re able to pour cocktails just as fast as a beer from the tap, meaning much faster service,” she says.

“Chris Leftley (Pernod Ricard) has been working tremendously close with us in establishing this cocktail tap experience and all cocktails will be batched with the range of Pernod Ricard back bar.”

Last year, Hospitality profiled Carosa in our Women in Hospitality series. Click here to read the full article.

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