Anyone who has ever worked with one of Moffat’s Convotherm combi-steamer ovens knows how our pioneering catering equipment inspires better food preparation. “Your meal. Our mission” is the philosophy born out of passion and commitment to provide the best combi-steamer oven solution that answers the needs of our customers.

Fusing form and function, this sophisticated new series has a completely new look, and a whole range of optimum features for more reliable, even and innovative cooking.

Made in Germany and industrially designed by Porsche, Convotherm is one of the most premium oven brands available in the Australian market. The Convotherm 4 ground breaking series is its first re-release since 2002.

“The design process has been extremely thorough, involving extensive market research, testing, benchmarking and re-testing, to ensure the highest possible quality and performance,” a Moffat spokesperson said.

“By thoroughly interrogating the market and understanding what customers want, Convotherm has been able to deliver a remarkable new product that delivers outstanding cooking results,” he adds.

One key difference with the new range is the choice of panel interface. With the new Convotherm 4 series, there will be two distinctive options: easyTouch – which delivers the latest touch controls via a 9-inch, full-touch screen with a configurable user interface, and easyDial – a new standard in manual operation, which displays all functions on the one level, and at a glance. The aim of both is to deliver the functions you need in a user-friendly design.

All Convotherm 4 ovens also now come with a range of premium features as standard. This includes Advanced Close System + (ACS+) which guarantees perfect cooking results.

All of the new ovens also have sure-shut function doors (table-top appliances only), HygenicCare antibacterial surfaces in the operating areas and a USB port integrated control panel. Plus, they all have a sleek new look and a space-saving footprint, making them ideal for open-plan restaurant designs where the kitchen is on display. 

The Convotherm 4 range includes seven sizes of ovens, each with six different model options, offering a total of 56 models. The result is a combination of functional versatility and consistent design that is revolutionary in this category.

“In terms of performance, build quality and reliability, Convotherm has always stood well above the competition,” the spokesperson said.

Moffat can also provide training and cooking demonstrations for all new Convotherm ovens at their training facilities in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.


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