“We’ve been in the market for 10 years. What we were, and what we represented 10 years ago has substantially changed,” said Sean O’Meara, CEO of hospitality point of sale (POS) supplier, Impos.

The company, which has partnered with leading hospitality venues including Pei Modern, MoVida, Tonka and Domaine Chandon, has revealed a fresh new look, complete with a new logo which better represents the company’s immersion in Australia’s foodservice industry.

“Over the years, the company has changed and become a full service, hospitality specific point of sale provider. It’s very trusted within the industry, and we wanted our logo to show that and also to have a point of differentiation, because we’re very different from most other POS companies in the market. We’re very much part of the industry.”

The logo comprises a pink circle with a hollowed centre and the company’s name printed underneath.

“The circle represents the hospitality industry, and the fact that we are an integral part of that industry. We live the industry more than our competitors. The hole in the middle of the circle signifies the transparency that we strive for. One of our major aims is to be completely transparent with our customers, never hiding anything and never shying away from admitting mistakes.”

He continues, “The purple font represents prestige. We are proud of the fact that we have more top-end bars, restaurants and cafes as clients than any other POS provider. And lastly, the pink represents friendship, loyalty and the closeness between Impos and our clients. At the end of the day, our goal is the success of our clients. If they run successful businesses then we have done our job,” O’Meara told Hospitality.

Complementing the release of the new logo is Impos’ new software for smaller, more agile foodservice businesses. Impos Go is targeting those businesses that might find the company’s flagship software, Impos Plus, too feature-heavy.

“Impos Go is our new cloud-based product. It’s perfect for small venues – so food trucks, pop-up stores, hole in the wall cafes, your back-lane burger joint, small bars et cetera. Places that are small, stuck for space and don’t mind using an iPad, whereas for the bigger venues – like our hatted restaurant clients – an iPad-based product is something that they just wouldn’t consider,” he said.

Over the next three to six months, Impos Go will be best suited to smaller hospitality businesses, after which the developments currently being undertaken will be complete, ensuring it’s also appropriate for use in larger, more complex organisations.

In 2015, Impos partnered with a number of key hospitality service providers, including reservations website, Dimmi; work scheduling platform, Deputy; and fellow POS brand, Cooking the Books. O’Meara is confident that 2016 will be just as exciting, with the company committed to continuously improving and enhancing the service it provides to hospitality businesses around the country.

“If you’re a nightclub or a busy restaurant or caf, you’re in business to make money when you’re really busy, so it’s just imperative that you back up your own offering with really good service and support from your POS provider. And that’s something that we’re just so well known for in this industry,” he said.

For more information on Impos’ services, click here.

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