Grain Bar is now matching spirits with its house-cured meats and caviar – the only pairing menu of its kind in Sydney.

There are five pairings on the menu: Russian vodka with Yasa Elite caviar; tequila and salt with lime cured kingfish; gin with kangaroo jerky; Venezuelan rum with duck prosciutto; and single malt whisky with wagyu.

The menu is the result of a collaboration between Grain’s bar manager Alexandra Dahlenburg and head chef Jared Reeves.

“The idea behind the pairings is to showcase the wonderful work of master distillers and celebrate the time and passion that goes into producing premium spirits,” Dahlenburg said.

Reeves added “We’ve created food pairings using top quality produce and taking our time curing in-house to ensure each match brings out the best in the spirits.”

 Cured & Caviar will be available at the bar, Sunday through Thursday, from 12:00pm until 9:00pm.




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