The Fair Work Ombudsman has fined the former operator of the Red Dog Caf located in Alice Springs for failing to keep accurate employment records.

The caf was randomly audited by Fair Work inspectors last year and legal action was initiated after Christopher Brandso, Red Dog Caf’s former operator, ignored repeated requests from inspectors to provide employment records. Brandso later admitted that the business had not kept any employment records and was fined a penalty of $1,500.

“Failing to keep records is a serious matter because it increases the risk of staff underpayments occurring and hampers the ability of inspectors to determine if employees are being paid correctly,” said Fair Work Ombudsman, Natalie James.

James says Brandso could have avoided legal action if he had engaged with Fair Work inspectors.

“We always prefer to resolve matters by agreement, but we are prepared to take legal action in situations where business operators simply refuse to deal with us,” she said.


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