Pastry chef Anna Polyviou has teamed up with Chargrill Charlie’s for the latest edition of Local Flavours.

The chef has made a triple-choc cookie dough which customers can portion out and bake themselves at home.

The tubs of cookie dough are priced at $15 for 600g. But the best part is it’s available at all 14 Chargrill Charlie’s stores across Melbourne and Sydney, with some of Polyvious’s out-of-work staff employed by Chargrill Charlie’s to assist with making the cookie dough.

“I am very excited for my collaboration with Chargrill Charlie’s as we both share the same passion for food and family,” says Polyviou.

“I really want family and friends to have fun during this time, and baking is the perfect way to spend time together at home.”

Polyviou joins Kepos Street Kitchen and Merivale chef Sam Young who also participated in the program, which was designed to help industry figures during COVID-19.

“At this stage, we are taking Local Flavours week by week as we continue to partner with those in our industry still needing a helping hand,” Ryan Sher, co-owner of Chargrill Charlie’s, tells Hospitality.

“We’re not working to an end date just yet, but we’d love to eventually do a final week to celebrate all the dishes that have been sold as part of the initiative.”

Polyviou’s cookie dough is available for a limited time.

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