In response to expanding consumer repertoires and a desire for more refreshing and sessionable drink offerings, Woodstock has launched a new bourbon premixed drink with ginger beer dubbed Easy Roller.

Recent research by independent research group T Garage highlighted that consumers are seeking full-flavoured yet less sweet alternatives to existing bourbon products. The fresh, slightly tart and spicy taste of ginger beer fulfils this need perfectly.

“The research put us on a path to explore new ways of drinking bourbon that would resonate with consumers,” says Asahi Premium Beverages general marketing manager Michael Edmonds.

“Our new product, Easy Roller, is a game-changer for Woodstock, and our customers will find it refreshing and approachable with its blend of genuine Kentucky bourbon mixed with brewed ginger beer. With an ABV of 4.8 percent, Easy Roller is an excellent choice for daytime drinking occasions.”

Woodstock contains genuine Kentucky Bourbon distilled and matured for two years using the finest American oak casks.

Easy Roller comes in four-packs of 330ml bottles and is available now.


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