Tip Top Foodservice has launched a new product to the foodservice market, Tip Top Burger Thins, to cater for growing consumer demand for lighter, healthier burger options.

Developed for the foodservice market, Tip Top Burger Thins are a different style of burger bun, thinner than regular burger buns as the name suggests. The Burger Thins weigh only 34 grams whereas a standard burger bun usually weighs in between 70-100 grams.

This reduces the carbohydrate count on any burger for diners on a ‘carb conscious’ diet while also boasting the added benefit of being FODMAP friendly.

“It’s common these days for consumers to be looking for a healthier or lighter option when they dine out,” said Darren O’Brien, National Account Manager for Tip Top Foodservice.

The Tip Top Burger Thins are softer and lighter than a traditional burger bun while also remaining sturdy enough for a full burger build. This allows for lighter servings that don’t compromise on flavour but will keep health conscious diners happy. 

“The Tip Top Burger Thins are also perfect for breakfast offerings when diners are generally looking for a lighter option. They work perfectly as a bun for bacon and egg rolls for example.” Darren said.

The Tip Top Burger Thins are delivered frozen, Australia-wide, in small cartons with convenient inner packs, perfect for those with limited freezer space.

They have a 6-month frozen shelf life, and also defrost quickly so you can thaw as needed, without wasting any stock. Then, once thawed, each inner pack has a shelf life of 8 days.

They are also pre-sliced to ensure a neat cut every time. Check out the new Tip Top Burger Thins at here and add them to your order, along with Tip Top’s Gourmet Burger range, today.