In the current climate, it’s essential new and existing businesses establish what they want their brand to represent. While food and beverage is front and centre, it’s essential everything from logos to brand colours and fonts are deployed consistently across all messaging.

Working with a professional graphic designer on Fiverr can help operators create a brand customers will remember.

The platform allows users to search for freelance graphic designers who can create content that’s bespoke to your operation.

Here are some services Fiverr’s graphic designers can assist with:

Logo design

Creating a memorable logo is business 101, especially when it will be deployed across multiple platforms. The best logos are unique to an operation, establish authority and remain timeless. It’s not easy to get it right, which is why it’s best to consult a Fiverr professional who can create a versatile graphic that stands the test of time.

Currently, foodservice logos are leaning on warm colours such as oranges, pinks and yellows and feature fonts that appear to be hand-written. Integrating these components into your logo will naturally attract the eye and encourage people to find out more about what you’re doing in your venue. Is your signature dish avocado on toast or a healthy salad bowl? Why not look at look at incorporating green to tie your offering together.

Social media and menu artwork

It’s a good idea to mix up your content plan on social media, and bespoke posts with an integrated logo ensure customers know your venue is behind that beverage or dish. Why not work with a graphic designer to add your brand’s colours into an image or perhaps use arrows to describe elements of the photo subject? Chefs work hard to create dishes, and customers are increasingly interested in what goes into their meals. If a component from a dish is a standout, such as a boutique cheese, add some text on to the image to give the producer a shout-out.

Content can be rolled out across Instagram, Facebook and any other social media platforms your business uses.

The same consistency should be applied to menus. Logos should appear on menus and utilise the same font family used for your logo. White is a good option to ensure your food and beverage offering is easy for customers to read, but adding some illustrations that reference your menu can add a splash of colour and interest.

Packaging and labels

Many venues launched product lines during the pandemic and have realised it’s a valuable revenue stream. It’s important the quality of your packaging and labels is on par with your product, especially if there’s a shelf display visible at your venue. Customers eat with their eyes, and a great label might make all the difference to whether they pick up your product or not and go ahead with a purchase. It’s also an essential if your product is being sold in another location such as a local grocer or by another venue. Make sure your customers know who’s behind their new favourite condiment.

The above is just the beginning of how a graphic designer can assist you.

Why not jump on Fiverr now and see how a graphic designer can help you take your business to the next level?