Made with 100 per cent Australian chicken, Southern Style Mixed Chicken Pieces are an exciting addition to the extensive Ingham’s foodservice range.

Consisting of a selection of whole 150g bone-in chicken pieces such as drumsticks, breasts, wings and thighs, Southern Style Mixed Pieces have been coated in a perfectly seasoned breading that makes them crunchy and crispy on the outside, and juicy and flavourful within.

They come pre-coated and cut, eliminating the time-consuming and labour-intensive work of breading them in the kitchen. And because they’re already fully cooked, there’s no risk of undercooking.

The tasty Southern Style coating is sure to be a hit with customers and you can also use it as a base to add your own glaze to further personalise the product and create your own distinctive signature style.

Ideal served as a centre of plate offer with sauces of your choice, Southern Styled Mixed Chicken Pieces also make a great takeaway choice served with salad, vegetables or chips.

With more than 100 years of experience in the Australian market, Ingham’s has long been passionate about providing our nation’s foodservice operators with the highest quality poultry products.

Sustainability and animal welfare are at the forefront of Ingham’s priorities, along with ensuring its products also meet all marketplace requirements for cost-effective convenience and ease of use.

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