When you’re looking to complement the flavours of Italian style cuisine like pasta, risotto, pizza and antipasto, nothing beats the great taste of Parmesan cheese that’s been matured in the traditional manner.

And not only has Perfect Italiano Parmesan has been aged for 18 months, ensuring it imparts a distinctively rich, strong flavour every time, it’s also suitable for vegetarians, gluten free and Halal certified – making it a versatile menu solution that you can use to enhance a wide range of European style food.

The superior flavour profile of Perfect Italiano Parmesan makes it a more cost-effective option, because you can use less cheese per dish without compromising on taste.

Parmesan is the traditional garnish for pasta and risotto, and is also an ideal choice to add to salads and antipasto platters, or to sprinkle over cooked vegetables. You can stir it through sauces to add flavour, or mix with Perfect Italiano Mozzarella to add an extra note to your pizza topping.

Perfect Italiano Parmesan is available in a Waxed Block for authentic presentation style – simply cut into portions to serve or break into chunks to add to the cheeseboard – and also comes in Shredded and Shaved varieties to save on preparation time and cut down labour costs.

More information: www.anchorfp.com.au/en/products/cheese/parmesan