Refrigeration is a crucial component of any foodservice business, without it, a kitchen can’t function.

Liebherr is the go-to supplier for venues wanting a premium product that offers reliability alongside harder-to-find advantages, including high energy efficiency and low operating costs.

This is particularly true of the brand’s display uprights; the use of highly efficient LED lighting reduces the total energy consumption of the FKv(sl) glass door appliances by up to 30 percent compared to similar models with fluorescent tubes. That noticeably lowers the operating costs, with the higher purchase price of LED lighting pays itself off very quickly.

As the first manufacturer that met RoHS compliance and completely remove CFCs from the production process, Liebherr is well known for its eco credentials.

The company has continued to invest heavily in technologies that have seen a reduction in chemicals, energy consumption and solvents used. The company’s environmentally conscious attitude is evident in their use of highly effective and energy-efficient R 290 and R 600a refrigerants.

Combined with a hot gas defrost system and dynamic cooling, these attributes make Liebherr’s products second-to-none.

The hot gas defrost system means appliances only defrost when required thanks to a controller that calculates the defrost cycles based on the compressor run-time. Energy-efficient hot gas reduces the defrost time from approximately 30 to only approximately 10 minutes – with a low rise in temperature in the appliance — meaning food items are not exposed to unnecessary temperature fluctuations.

In selected models, a highly efficient dynamic cooling system is featured, providing stable and evenly distributed interior temperatures. The door operated fan cut-out switch minimises the loss of cold air when the door is opened. Thanks to the rear-wall condenser, the system is virtually maintenance-free.

Designed in Germany, Liebherr’s high quality range of refrigerators are also favoured among industry professionals thanks to functionalities such as easy cleaning to assist in food hygiene, meaning their models will save operators time as well as money.

Venues can rely on Liebherr professional models, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year — to learn more about Liebherr appliances, visit