Smartphones have been a part of everyday life for many years now, and continuing to utilise technology will go a long way to ensuring businesses remain in touch with customers in an efficient and effective manner.

There are many benefits that come with launching an app, and a professional from Fiverr can help your business future-proof itself in the coming years.

Many of the most recognisable foodservice brands have designed their own apps, which have gone on to form a core part of their digital presence. Why not join them?

Here are some benefits apps can provide your business.

Streamlining ordering and delivery

Instead of going to a website or a third-party platform, an app allows customers to access your menu, place an order and pay with ease by simply tapping on your icon. An app also allows operators to easily add or remove menu items and provides valuable information about customer behaviours.

Operators can capture customer details and learn more about ordering habits, hence providing an opportunity to send targeted marketing materials. For example, if a customer repeatedly orders a burger on Friday night, you could offer them a discount on a Friday afternoon to encourage them to place an order.

Talk to a freelancer from Fiverr today to find out how you can best target customers during low and peak periods.

Loyalty rewards

An app is a great platform to implement a loyalty program if you don’t already have one. Customers love to be rewarded for returning to a venue, and purchases could accumulate points that can be used towards products such as a piece of merchandise or a free coffee. Some brands have even created bespoke games, with wins leading to free meals.

An app is also a good testing platform to see what your customer base does and doesn’t respond to. Some customer bases may just use your app to order while others may enjoy the extra benefits such as games. Work with a Fiverr freelancer to come up with a range of features that best work for your food and beverage offering.

Communicate what your brand is all about

Operators can use apps to educate customers on what a venue’s purpose is. Apps can easily integrate tabs to share your brand’s core messaging. For example, you could run a ‘meet the producer’ section which allows customers to learn more about where the ingredients you use come from. Video content is also increasingly popular with customers, and an app is the ideal platform for hosting content that allows them to explore exactly what they’re eating and who’s making it. Shoot some content of your chef making dishes or a bartender whipping up a cocktail with some pro tips for customers.

So what are you waiting for?

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