As Executive Chef at busy Dee Why RSL on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Scott Drinkwater knows the importance of catering to younger consumers who comprise a key demographic of the club’s 49,000-strong membership base.

It’s for that reason the club has expanded its food outlet offerings with the addition of Battery House, a sports bar which forms its social and sports hub and offers burgers, nachos, tacos, fish and chips and other meals.

A core component on the menu at Battery House is the new Edgell Crispy Flats – these latest additions to the extensive Edgell Supa Crunch range have proven to be a big hit with diners.

Edgell Crispy Flats boast a unique 5mm x 22mm flat style cut which ensures generous plate coverage, outstanding yield and delicious crunch.

Whether you stack, dip or load them, their versatile shape and terrific taste makes them an appealing addition to any menu whether as an appetiser, side serve or second fry.

“We use Edgell Crispy Flats on all our burgers, fish and chips, plus we serve Loaded Fries which is Edgell’s Crispy Flats with crispy bacon, cheese and chicken gravy and that’s very popular,” says Drinkwater. “They suit the menu we’ve got here and they’re versatile enough for us to use them in many different dishes.

“They’re fast to cook, they’re crunchy while still retaining that potato taste inside, and the coverage on the plate is fantastic.”

The Edgell team have worked hard behind the scenes to make Crispy Flats as thin-cut as possible while further enhancing them with Edgell’s world famous Supa Crunch coating for ultimate taste, crunch and hold.

The ultra-thin shape makes for an exceptional presentation and unique eating appearance, while the way they cook up gives them the texture and mouth feel almost of a hot potato crisp.

Edgell Crispy Flats are a terrific choice to make your menu stand out from the everyday and boost your profits by encouraging diners to trade up to a premium chip. Give them a try today!

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