With world population estimated to hit 10 billion people by 2050 — three billion more than there were in 2010 — that’s a lot of mouths to feed. It’s a milestone many of us probably never thought our planet would reach, but it’s one we’re hurtling towards in just a few short decades.

As more people consume resource-intensive, animal-based foods at rapidly increasing rates, it’s clear we need a more sustainable way to keep up with growing demand for meat. Recognising that people’s eating habits will only change if they are provided with convenient, tasty and cost-equivalent alternatives — Australia’s v2food was born.

In October 2019, v2food announced its entry into the plant-based market and a few weeks later, it was officially launched in partnership with Hungry Jack’s — who debuted its long-awaited plant-based burger, the Rebel Whopper, using v2’s patties as the secret ingredient.

The reception was phenomenal. Aussies were shocked at how deliciously meaty the v2 Rebel Whopper tasted — even Jack Cowin, owner of Hungry Jack’s, couldn’t tell the difference! In a bid to take their product beyond Hungry Jack’s, v2food also launched their own range of products, v2mince, v2burger patties and most recently v2sausage — empowering other QSR and restaurant customers to create their own plant-based menu items.

We believe food should taste great, whilst being good for you and good for the planet. v2 products combine proteins, vegetable oil, a dash of coconut oil and our special blend of amino acids to infuse the meaty flavour you would expect from beef, plus the added benefit of fibre.

v2mince is our most versatile product yet, perfect for your new and classic mince recipes. Designed to look, cook and taste like beef mince, v2mince is a seamless and delicious choice whether you’re whipping up a pasta sauce, a lasagne or dumpling filling.

v2burger is easy to cook and perfect for your favourite flavour combos. These patties are about to become your new go-to for a crowd-pleasing plant-based burger.

Now is the time to add v2 to your menu. From menu planning to social media marketing, our team are ready to help with a range of resources to ensure you get v2 right first time, every time. Grow your business, delight your customers, and join us on our mission to feed the planet in a way that takes care of our planet.

If you can cook with meat, you can cook with v2.

It’s as simple as changing one ingredient.