The secret to memorable customer experiences and staff happiness 

Happy, confident staff are at the heart of successful businesses. There is an intrinsic link between feeling good in yourself and delivering moments of good to others through service and experiences. Cargo Crew understand this power and what is ultimately at the heart of hospitality: an unforgettable customer experience.

There is power in people feeling valued. Investing in your best assets – your people – gives them confidence and a strong feeling of presence with a distinctive uniform.

Cargo Crew believe there is power in a unified look, curated and coordinated, delivered with considered execution. Investing in a quality uniform impacts five core areas for your hospitality business:

  1. Helps you attract and retain staff with a fashionable and flattering uniform
  2. Enhances the customer experience through a cohesive brand identity
  3. Completes your brand experience, promoting referral via word-of-mouth
  4. Gives your staff confidence through design, comfort, and functionality
  5. Identifies roles easily for staff and customers

Your venue’s uniforms support the visual language of your business. A common thread of colour, a coordinated accessory and considered logo embroidery, all have the power to elevate, inspire, unite and deliver memorable moments that create a buzz around your business.

Be inspired by the power of uniforms at Cargo Crew.