Liebherr Refrigeration: exceptional reliability, low energy consumption

At a time of increasing costs across the board, every saving counts. Purchasing an energy-efficient fridge or freezer will help your business save thousands for years to come.

Choosing the right refrigeration is an important consideration for any foodservice or hospitality venue. And Liebherr are the go-to brand for restaurants, cafes, bars and hospitality venues looking for premium, reliable refrigeration solutions that will stand the test of time.

The German-designed appliances are specially constructed to withstand intensive professional use and offer dependable operation, innovative design and high energy efficiency, keeping running costs low.

Liebherr offers an impressively comprehensive range of commercial refrigeration, freezers, wine cabinets, merchandising refrigerators and chest freezers. All of Liebherr’s products are German engineered and are backed by a comprehensive, industry-leading 5-year warranty. They are distributed across Australia by Andi-Co Australia and are supported by Andi-Co’s localised sales and customer service teams.

The innovation and features built in to Liebherr appliances are truly impressive and are designed to withstand the test of time whilst offering intuitive daily use and extremely low energy consumption.

High efficiency, low operating costs

Thanks to the precision electronic controller, in conjunction with the optimised refrigeration system, Liebherr appliances are highly efficient – with very low energy consumption. The highly effective insulation also aids cooling performance, resulting in outstanding eco-friendliness and low power and operating costs. 

Easy cleaning for optimal hygiene

Liebherr’s Commercial appliances fridges are equipped with moulded inner liners with large radii that are easy to clean with no hidden dirt-traps, enabling easy cleaning to assist with optimum food hygiene. The outer housing is constructed from single-sheet stainless steel side panels without any gaps, making the appliances extremely hygienic and easy to clean. The height-adjustable feet ensure that cleaning under the appliance can be easily and conveniently performed.

Evenly distributed cooling and virtually maintenance-free

Selected models feature dynamic cooling for stable and evenly distributed interior temperatures. Demand-based technology means the door operated fan cut-out switch minimises the loss of cold air when the door is opened. And thanks to the rear-wall condenser, the system is virtually maintenance-free.

Defrost less often and faster

The appliances defrost only when required since the controller calculates the defrost cycles based on the compressor run-time. Energy-efficient hot gas reduces the defrost time from approximately 30 minutes to approximately 10 minutes, with a low rise in temperature in the appliance: food items are not exposed to unnecessary temperature fluctuations.

Designed and manufactured in Germany for over 60 years, Liebherr are the leading manufacturer of premium commercial refrigeration and are distributed exclusively in Australia by Andi-Co Australia.

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Liebherr is exclusively distributed by Andi-Co Australia.

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