Hoshizaki launches new sushi cabinets

Hoshizaki introduces a breakthrough in commercial refrigeration with its new LED-equipped sushi cabinets.

The energy-efficient units not only provide clear visibility of contents in the elegant glass-fronted case, but also operate with exceptional energy efficiency.

Designed to cater to delicate fish types, the unique cooling system maintains optimal humidity and food-safe temperatures, even during peak serving times.

Temperature readings are conveniently displayed inside the refrigerator for easy monitoring.

Operators have further control with an adjustable tray for different fish types, preventing drying out or loss of flavor.

Available in eco-friendly models and various sizes, Hoshizaki’s LED-lit sushi cabinets offer a versatile solution for venues of all sizes, revolutionising sushi storage and presentation.

Fast facts

  • Evaporator ensures gentle airflow, preventing dehydration and preserving perishable displayed food
  • Flip tray for precise temperature control, reducing cooling impact
  • Monitor temperature with in-cabinet thermometer
  • Proven eco-friendly R600a refrigerant.
  • Tubular evaporator maintains frost layer, LED lighting adjustable as needed
  • Anti-slip top for dishes
  • Condensing unit on operator-friendly side
  • Sliding door, removable ABS trays for easy daily cleaning

For more information on the sushi cabinet range, visit Hoshizaki’s website