For well over a century, Europe has stood as the pioneer in innovating professional cooking equipment, innovations often overlooked when outfitting a commercial culinary space.

One significant category leading the charge in innovation is modular cooking equipment. It’s an area where Europe sets the trends, leaving manufacturers worldwide attempting to emulate their success.

In the realm of modern commercial kitchens, European-designed modular cooking equipment stands out as the preferred choice. Not only do they exhibit aesthetic appeal, but they also incorporate the latest technologies, boasting the lowest sustainability footprint without compromising performance or results.

Meeting the various needs of the global market, Giorik Modular offers sleek and modern solutions, packed with unique features and technology. Configure the perfect line-up by selecting and matching units that fit seamlessly together, creating a custom solution to suit any kitchen.

Giorik Modular product offering

Boiling top range: Offers versatility with 2, 4, and, 6 gas burners or electric plates in countertop units or complete with an open base.

Target top range: Provides precise and efficient cooking, available in gas or electric, 400mm and 800mm wide units in countertop or complete with an open base.

Combination ranges: Offer a combination of electric boiling tops, gas burner tops, and gas or electric target tops with 2/1 GN standard or maxi, electric, or gas ovens.

Fry-top griddles: Available in 400mm and 800mm wide, ribbed/smooth plates, with either a 15mm satin chrome plate or 12mm mild steel plate, in gas or electric.

Induction woks and boiling tops: Provide rapid heating to the pan for peak production times.

Char grills: Provide perfect, defined char marking with a lava stone rack over gas burners that spread and radiate heat while vaporising fats for an authentic char grill taste.

Fryer range: Available in electric and gas with single and split pan varieties, continuously improved upon to provide the food service industry with top-of-the-range features.

Pasta cooker range: Available in electric or gas as single or double pan configuration on an enclosed base with an access door for extra storage.

Bain Marie range: Offered in electric, countertop, or freestanding units on open base configurations.

Bratt pans: A simple solution for high-production cooking, available in both electric and gas with manual tilt or electric tilt operation.

Electric boiling pans with indirect heating: Available in 50, 100, and 150-litre capacities.

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