Future Farm™ is inspired by a new generation: the pro-earth generation

The plant-based meat category in Australia is experiencing exponential growth. 42 per cent of Australian consumers are choosing to reduce their meat intake for sustainability or health reasons.

As one of the highest meat consuming nations in the world (89.7kg per annum), we must change for us and future generations. We only have to look at the fires and floods of the last few years to see that climate change has arrived.

We can expect more extreme weather events as global temperatures rise. Human settlements occupy only 1% of the planet’s landmass, while livestock production and feed occupy 27 per cent.

Once the developing world starts to acquire a developed westernised palate for meat, our planet will not have enough land or animals to support this. We need to restore earth for future generations by choosing to reduce our carbon footprint. This will be achieved by offering plant-based options on your menu to help consumers swap out meat every so often.

We at Future Farm are the Pro-Earth Generation. We produce 100 per cent plant-based meat using True Texture Technology to make products that have virtually the same texture as animal protein. By doing so, we are removing barriers for meat-eaters to try plant-based by making it taste and feel just like meat.

All of our ingredients are vegan, Halal, Kosher, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO and 100 per cent tasty. We also pride ourselves on being healthy, with some of the lowest sodium and fat on the market. Eating for a better planet never tasted so good.

We have recently landed in the Australian market with our Future Burger, Mince and Meatballs across retail and foodservice and look forward to bringing even more delicious, meaty plant-based goodness to Australians.

If you would like a trade sample or to hear more, please reach out to us at hello@futurefarmpacific.com.