Flavour that packs a punch, even if you’re feeling the pinch

2023 has produced a challenging economic climate, dampening the hopes so many people had for sunnier post-pandemic times. It’s little wonder so many hospitality operators are feeling drained by the ongoing pressure to find more cost-effective ways of operating, without sacrificing quality.

Queen Professional is here to help with the launch of a new flavour solution – Bakers Blend Vanilla Natural Flavour and Paste, offering an affordable alternative to pure vanilla for commercial kitchen operators.

Proudly manufactured in Brisbane, Australia, Bakers Blend products are made using natural flavours, rather than pure vanilla beans. Vegan suitable and free from alcohol and gluten, the range imparts a creamy, French-inspired vanilla flavour profile and contains no artificial colours.

According to Queen Professional Brand Manager, Ella Williams, a growing number of foodservice and hospitality operators are reaching out for flavour solutions that deliver on taste but at an affordable price point.

“At Queen Professional we’ve always regarded ourselves as a partner rather than just an ingredient supplier, and we understand that means meeting both the flavour and business needs of hospitality customers,” shares Ella. That’s why we developed Bakers Blend, to offer an affordable baking solution without sacrificing on flavour.”

Bakers Blend is available in two formats: Vanilla Natural Flavour and Vanilla Natural Flavour Paste. The Natural Flavour variant is the perfect addition to batter-based recipes, custards, creams, and no-bake applications, and comes in 500ml, 5L and 20L formats.

The Natural Flavour Paste is a thick infusion of natural flavour and ground exhausted vanilla bean, providing both flavour and visual appeal in recipes. Available in 600g and 10kg packs, its creamy vanilla flavour profile is ideal for no-bake applications, gelato, creams and any recipe that calls for visible vanilla specks.

Ella says it’s exciting to be able to offer this new solution for customers who are looking to improve the profitability of their menu while still delivering outstanding flavour. “Queen has been in the flavour game for 125 years and we have a proud history of delivering innovative solutions to support our foodservice customers. Bakers Blend is the latest example of this.”

To learn more about the Bakers Blend range, get in touch with the Queen Professional team.