Experience the cool revolution with Hoshizaki Crescent Edge Ice Maker

Introducing the Hoshizaki Crescent Edge Ice Makers, the game-changer in ice making technology. Say goodbye to cloudy ice cubes and hello to crystal-clear, crescent-shaped ice that will elevate your drink experience to the next level. Here’s why you need to get your hands on this innovative ice maker:

Stylishly cool curves: Hoshizaki’s Crescent Edge Ice Maker’s smooth, double-sided stainless-steel surface allows it to make more ice in less cycles.

Cool sip delight: Hoshizaki’s Crescent Edge Ice nestles in a glass more efficiently than traditional cubed ice – displacing more liquid for cooler drinks.

Pure taste bliss: Impurities and trapped air are flushed away each cycle leaving hard, crystal-clear ice that lasts longer and tastes better.

Ice-making rockstars: Crescent Edge Ice comes off the evaporator as individual pieces to provide consistent size and eliminate ice clusters that are hard to fit into the glass.

Flexible freezing wonders: The flat continuous open surface on Hoshizaki’s Crescent Edge Ice Maker stays clean easy to service for longer life and reliability.

Upgrade your ice game with the Hoshizaki Crescent Edge Ice Maker and experience the chill revolution. Get ready to impress your customers, enhance your drinks, and never settle for ordinary ice again. It’s time to embrace the coolness!

Explore Hoshizaki’s complete range of Crescent Edge Ice Makers today – there is a machine suitable for every venue:

  • Self-Contained – Ice maker with built-in storage bin
  • Modular – Ice-making head only. Ice Bins sold separately.