Proudly Australian owned and Australian made, Dairy Farmers Fresh Cooking Cream is the brand-new addition to the Bega Foodservice dairy portfolio.

Developed in conjunction with an accredited foodservice industry chef, the new Dairy Farmers Fresh Cooking Cream is ideal for high heat cooking in commercial environments. Each key feature of the Dairy Farmers Cooking Cream has been tested and validated in a commercial kitchen.

  • Full cream taste profile, with fresh aroma and silky mouthfeel
  • Ideal viscosity for sauteing, reducing, pan-frying, baking, freezing and whipping
  • Heats quickly to high temperatures, without burning or splitting
  • 18% fat content

Available in a 2L bottle, this is ideal for foodservice outlets with limited refrigeration space and will also help to reduce food wastage in the kitchen.

Please contact your Bega Dairy & Drinks sales manager, or call customer service on 1800 000 570.