Whether it’s the base of a sauce to pour over savoury dishes or a lush addition to a dessert, cream is one of the most reached-for ingredients by chefs, which means selecting a high-quality producer you can trust is of the utmost importance for confidently creating dishes diners won’t forget.

Bulla Brand Ambassador Kirsten Tibballs has spent 30 years working as a celebrated pastry chef. When it comes to having a superb final product, the chef believes you can’t compromise on the quality of your ingredients.

“At the end of the day, for me, it’s really the quality of Bulla’s Foodservice Cream range, the consistency, the flavour and what I’m able to achieve with it,” she says. “I like Bulla because it’s a family-owned business and they source their cream locally from the western district of Victoria.

Plus, Bulla have over 110 years’ experience in producing high-quality dairy products so I know it’s a brand I can trust.”

Along with quality, consistency is equally as important, with reliable products making life easier in the kitchen. “I am looking for cream with exceptional taste, consistency, and versatility” says Tibballs. “If your customer comes back because they absolutely love – for example, your vodka pasta – you don’t want that to be inconsistent.”

Another advantage of using Bulla products for Tibballs is how the range features different creams that can be used for a variety of applications in the kitchen. For example, Bulla Cooking Cream is built to withstand high temperatures. “When boiling or heating cream, we’ll quite often add acid such as lemon, wine, or tomato,” says the chef. “Often, cream will separate, whereas Bulla Cooking Cream is just so reliable.” Tibballs also notes the cream’s ability to thicken quickly while enhancing the flavour of sauces.

Tibballs also speaks to the versatility of the range, which enables chefs to create without boundaries. “Bulla Dollop Cream is really good as a garnish,” says the chef. “You don’t have to whip it and it gives you the perfect dollop, full of body and flavour on top of the dish. I also use Bulla Dollop Cream with a bit of icing sugar for layering a trifle dessert in a glass.”

The chef also names Bulla Thickened Cream as her all-rounder product in the kitchen. “Bulla Thickened Cream is fantastic for whipping – it aerates and holds beautifully,” she says. “Another advantage is when it’s piped and stored in the fridge, you don’t get the same evaporation of moisture that you quite often do with other creams that can have a yellow finish.”

Bulla Premium Sour Cream is another go-to product for the chef, who uses it across sweet and savoury applications. “It has a touch of acidity and a beautiful consistency, and I actually use it a lot in baking,” she says. “We traditionally know it’s used in cheesecakes and soups, but I use it in baked cakes, sauces, chocolate mousse, and ganache. It balances brilliantly with both sweet and savoury.”

For Tibballs, the consistency, flavour, and quality of Bulla’s Foodservice Cream collection has made it one of her most used range of products in the kitchen. “I want to create beautiful dishes and I’m able to do that time and time again with Bulla,” she says. “It’s really such a beautiful product – and to me, no other cream compares.”

To view Bulla’s full Foodservice Cream range, visit bullafoodservice.com.au/products