O'Brien Beer socail media shoot.

Australian gluten-free craft beer producer, O’Brien Beer, has released of the first naturally brewed gluten free mid-strength beer in Australia — O’Brien Lager 3.5

John O’Brien, himself a coeliac, began brewing gluten free beer as a hobby but it wasn’t long before it became a fully-fledged business, Rebellion Brewing (founded in 2005). All beers in the O’Brien range are brewed using sorghum and millet, instead of the usual barley and wheat, making O’Brien Beer 100 percent gluten-free and free from any colourings or preservatives.

O’Brien Lager 3.5 is a full-bodied lager with a great balanced bitterness as well as full malt and hop characters.

“With the introduction of the only naturally brewed mid-strength gluten free beer in Australia, we hope the company will maintain existing customers while attracting many more admirers beyond the gluten free consumer,” says O’Brien.

O’Brien Lager 3.5 is now available online and will soon be rolled out to bottle shops and venues across Australia.

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