37102068 - fresh baked butter croissant on a grey slate

Anchor’s new lamination butter sheets have been designed to be flexible and easy for chefs and bakers to work with.

Made from specialty pastry butter containing 83 percent milk fat, with no chemical processing or additives, the sheets give better and easier lamination.

“With a melting point of 37 degrees celsius, Anchor Butter Sheets are ideal for use in warm bakery environments and whenever fasting proofing is required,” said Alastair McCausland from Fonterra Foodservice.

“The sheets won’t soften too fast or oil out at higher proofing temperatures – thereby providing you with maximum flexibility and helping to boost productivity.”

The thin format sheets facilitate easy rolling and fast tempering and their plasticity maximises dough workability.

Anchor Butter Sheets can be stored frozen in the carton then thawed in the fridge as required. Remove from the fridge when needed and temper to eight to 10 degrees. Once pliable, the sheets are ready to use and can be bent 45 degrees without breaking or tearing.


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