Liquor brand Moutai now has its own shopfront in Melbourne’s CBD.

Located on Exhibition Street, the boutique offers guests different selections of the baijiu at a 12-seat bar.

T-A Square Architects are behind the design of the space, which takes its cues from the Moutai bottle’s rippled shape.

Moutai is named after its place of origin in China in the Guizhou Province, with each bottle seeing premium ingredients, such as glutinous sorghum and fermenting agent qu, distilled and then aged for a minimum of five years.

Patrons can choose from tasting flights, single drinks, or cocktails, with a full masterclass experience also on offer, which sees guests experience a 78-step ceremony led by a Moutai sommelier.

The Melbourne location also has a retail section, with Moutai’s coveted Flying Fairy available to purchase for $518 along with its other core products Prince, Entering Australia, and more.

Open seven days a week from 11am until 8pm.