The Lansdowne Hotel in Sydney’s Chippendale is now home to a new pizzeria from the Mary’s team.

Jake Smyth has worked with Mary’s group executive chef Jimmy Garside to launch the concept which is inspired by “shit fast food”.

The menu covers New York and Detroit styles. New York-style pizzas are characterised by a thin crust while Detroit pizzas are known for their rectangular shape, thick crust and crisp bottom.

The team are working with a 72-hour fermented dough and will showcase a range of local and Italian ingredients.

“We wanted to explore the world of pizza that existed outside of Italy, so we modelled it on two distinct pizza styles — the classic New York style and a Detroit square pizza,” says Smyth.

Menu items include pepperoni with red sauce and triple cheese and smoked potato with rosemary, roast garlic fontina and triple mozzarella. Burgers make an appearance, too, with options including the ribwich with boneless Kurobuta pork and a fried cheeseburger.

Snacks are also available and cover hot wings, fried mixed mushrooms and pizza pockets.

“Our love of Dominos and Pizza Hut has grown into an obsession over the years,” says co-owner Kenny Graham. “The interplay of childhood nostalgia mixed with current day disappointments has made us want to create a pizza menu we actually want to eat.”

The dining room has just 12 seats with table service and the wine list has been curated by Tai Tate which will showcase natural varieties.



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