Facebook: Cafe 2204

Sydney’s Cafe 2204 recently had its day in court with the Fair Work Ombudsman after it failed to back-pay a worker and contravened pay slip laws.

The Marrickville eatery, operated by Jay & Chloe Pty Ltd, was issued with a compliance notice in May 2021 after a Fair Work inspector found a worker had been underpaid minimum wages, casual loading and penalty rates from May 2019 to October 2020.

The worker was not back-paid after the compliance notice was issued, with the business only paying the worker in full after the Fair Work Ombudsman commenced legal action.

“When Compliance Notices are not followed, we are prepared to take legal action to ensure workers receive their lawful entitlements,” said Acting Fair Work Ombudsman Michael Campbell.

“Employers also need to be aware that taking action to improve compliance in the fast food, restaurant and café sector continues to be a priority for the FWO.”

The Federal Circuit and Family Court issued a total of $40,400 in penalties against Jay & Chloe Pty Ltd.