The team at Malt Shovel Brewery has concocted a fresh brew that pays homage to touring carnivals.

The limited edition beer, named the Karni Kolsch, is characterised by the flavour of fairy floss, as well as a pinkish tinge and a subtle yet noticeable vanilla aroma.

“It was a particularly hot and sweaty day during summer, and we had been mucking around with some Kolsch brews. Kolsch, a German-style, easy drinking ale, is one of my favourite styles of beer to indulge in, and on hot summer days I often find one in my hand to stay hydrated,” said Chris Sheehan, former head brewer at the Malt Shovel Brewery.

“The other brewers and I also had a freezer chock full of ice cream to fend off the heat, my favourite being the fairy floss icy pole. With a Kolsch in one hand, and a fairy floss icy pole in the other, I had the idea to blend the two flavours. From there, Karni Kolsch was born.”

The Karni Kolsch’s hop bill of Tettnang, Hallertau, and Saaz hops blends with the pale and malted wheat base and subtle vanilla aroma to evoke the fairy floss flavour.

“The brewery at Camperdown has always been a place where we give our brewers the chance to experiment with bold new flavours. Nothing is off limits, and the new flavours our talented team of brewers create like Karni Kolsch are a testament to the creative heights beer can be taken,” said Sheehan.

The Malt Shovel Brewers Karni Kolsch was one of 180 new beers and ciders recently showcased at the Great Australasian Beer SpecTAPular (GABS) in Melbourne and Sydney.

Packs of Malt Shovel Brewers Karni Kolsch are currently available through online retailer MoCU and at various bottleshops around Sydney from 19 June. Kegs are available at James Squire Brewhouses and Beer DeLuxe nationally as well as various venues around Sydney.

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