Korean Chef and Restaurateur Jong Won Paik is set to expand his namesake franchise with a third Melbourne restaurant.

Paik’s Pan will open on Healeys Lane in January next year and serve a menu that revolves around hotpot and foundational Korean dishes.

Chef Paik is known for combining Korean flavours with Chinese-style dishes, and currently has a restaurant portfolio spanning more than 2,000 eateries across the globe.

The chef opened his first Australian store Paik’s Noodle on Little Lonsdale Street in Melbourne earlier this year, with Paik’s Bibim launching shortly after.

Unlike its sibling venues, Paik’s Pan will have an entirely different food offering that revolves around Korean-style hot pot (K-pot) and see staff cook dishes at the table for guests.

Along with K-pot, diners can expect tteokbokki (simmered rice cakes) and dakgalbi, a spicy Korean chicken stir fry.

Paik’s local footprint will continue to expand next year, with the brand confirming it will launch two new noodle locations.