Japanese brand Nana’s Green Tea arrived in Sydney just over two months ago, choosing Chatswood’s Interchange as the location for its first Australian store.

The matcha-centric tea house concept was founded in Tokyo before expanding outside Japan to 16 other locations.

Nana’s green tea works with farmers to produce organic rice and Japanese tea which is used across the stores.

“I think Japanese food culture is the foremost in the world in all its aspects, such as quality, artisanship and diversity,” writes President of Nanaha Co Kazuto Kutami.

“I believe the spirit of omotenashi (hospitality) in tea ceremony has been playing a significant role to elevate its aesthetics. That spirit of wanting to delight and to impress your guests contributed to the development of our food culture.​

​”We continuously combine the spirit of omotenashi and matcha, introducing the marvelous Japanese food culture to people not just in Japan, but around the world as well.”

The beverage menu is split into matcha with milk and without, parfait, matcha frappe, matcha soft serve, Japanese tea, hojicha with milk, red bean paste with milk and coffee.

The parfait has been a worldwide hit and sees the sweet treat served in a tall glass before it’s filled with tea-infused jelly or pudding and soft serve and topped with mochi, ice cream and syrup

There’s also a selection of baked goods that showcase tea including matcha and hojicha roll cakes, a matcha Basque cheesecake as well as a yuzu iteration.

The store is open seven days a week from 12:30pm until 9:30pm.