James Boag has released its Epicurean range, a limited edition range designed to be partnered with fine dining cuisine.

The range is co-created by chef and restaurateur Matt Moran, Aria sommelier Matt Dune and head innovation brewer Simon Hanley.

It comprises two beers: James Boag Epicurean Red and James Boag Epicurean White. Only a single batch of each variety was brewed and ingredients include 100 percent Tasmanian Super Pride, Enigma and Helga hops.

To accompany red meat dishes, the Red variety is full flavoured and amber in colour, with a rounded, fuller mouth feel.

The White variety has a fruity and floral aroma and is well matched with lighter dishes including seafood based dishes.

The range will be available for three months at selection of hatted restaurants in Sydney, Melbourne, Tasmania and Brisbane.

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