Scott Lord (New Quarter, Sunda Dining, Cumulus Inc.) joins the Chinese bistro in Balaclava as executive chef.

Lord’s appointment has seen him refresh the venue’s current menu alongside Executive Group Chef Anthony Choi and new Head Chef Chris Cann.

“Scott’s flavour profile is more clean and restrained, whereas I like heavy, punchy and spicy,” says Choi.

“Together, we’ve had some fun and looked to create new dishes that find a great balance in flavour and style.”

Lord’s new menu additions see a mix of Chinese and European cuisine, including a steak tartare with Sichuan spice.

“The steak tartare dish is a classic example, the meat is mixed with a Sichuan vinegar and served with piped egg yolk and fried wonton skins – a classic French dish done in the Moonhouse style,” explains Lord.

Other new dishes include a roasted duck pancake with peach hoisin and plum salt; Yuxiang crispy eggplant and steamed market fish with a choice of broth.

The European influence carries over to the presentation too, which is now plated in a linear fashion like classic bistros.

Lord says another consideration for the new menu was to include options for all diners and their dietaries.

“While we can’t cater for everything we’ve challenged ourselves to ensure we’re better able to cater flexibility to a variety of different dietary requirements, ​ pecifically considering vegan, pescatarian and FODMAP diners,” explains Lord.

The dessert menu has also undergone a refresh to have three new dishes added to the line-up.

They include a five-spiced pear tarte tatin with black pepper ice cream; a green apple sorbet with green tea granita, honeydew and matcha; and a jasmine tea pudding with poached rhubarb and elderflower.

The venue’s private dining space Moonhouse Upstairs has also opened for regular bookings and installed a karaoke machine for guests.

Moonhouse has also recently launched their Yum Cha Unlimited offering on weekends, which stars a set menu and drink package options.