On 25 May Brasserie Bread will be launching its artisan Potato Bun, in celebration of National Burger Day (28 May).

According to the bakery, the product was developed in response to the lack of high quality savoury buns in the Australian foodservice market, which has been dominated by sweeter burger buns.

“The item’s lower sugar content and savoury profile means it complements the flavour of one the country’s most popular staple foods. Our Potato Bun was made by considering the patty first,” said Brasserie Bread co-founder, Michael Klausen.

Brasserie Bread’s Potato Buns by uses single origin wheat flour from the Flinders Ranges. The bun’s denser crumb and pillow-like texture means it complements heartier, sauce-heavy burgers such as those comprising brisket, pulled beef and pork.

Brasserie Bread will be giving away over 3,500 burger buns to partnering establishments across Australia to help celebrate the day and the launch of this new product.

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