The family team behind Yoi Indonesian eatery have opened their second venture Kata Kita in Melbourne’s CBD.

Lie Sanusi along with her sons Michael and Dion Sanusi are showcasing a variety of Indonesian cuisine from different regions.

The 80-seat restaurant delivers a menu with contemporary takes on traditional dishes covering classic Indonesian mains, seafood and dessert options.

Kata Kita is serving up Balinese favourite babi guling, a five-hour slow-roasted pork paired with lawar, a mixed vegetable salad with coconut and fried shallot.

Guests can also expect ikan bakar, whole grilled promfret fish in a turmeric marinade; kepiting saus Padang, crab cooked in hot and spicy sauce and salmon lodeh cooked in chilli and coconut stew with long beans.

Kepiting saus Padang

Other highlights include small bites such as sate lilit with minced pork roll and lemon grass, glazed barbequed pork rib (babi bakar) and scallop gulai, grilled scallops in a rich, spicy sauce.

Dessert options see sweet potato balls served in creamy pandan coconut milk known as kolak biji ubi, ketan hitam a black sticky rice porridge and cendol bao, a modern spin-off on es cendol.

The bar centrepiece is the restaurant’s signature cocktail Uluwatu which sees Beefeater gin combined with Cointreau, pineapple juice and passionfruit pulp garnished with a smokey passionfruit bubble.

Kata Kita is open from Tuesday to Sunday for lunch and dinner.