New natural grass-fed beef brand Little Joe has been unveiled.

JBS Australia spokesperson Sam McConnell said the richly marbled, grass-fed beef was developed to meet the increasing demand by beef connoisseurs for more premium options.

“We are redefining premium beef with the introduction of Little Joe. It is the crème de la crème when it comes to Australian beef products, offering a level of marbling and eating quality that has never been seen before in grassfed beef,” he says

“It is such a unique and exceptional beef that it was thought impossible to achieve, and now that we have, it’s near-impossible to replicate — a truly unprecedented product. A lot of boxes must be ticked before we consider something worthy of the Little Joe brand.”

Little Joe sits at the top of the Great Southern brand family, guaranteed to be produced from cattle that

  • have been raised on a 100 percent grass diet their entire life
  • meet a high marble score, with a minimal score of 4
  • are free of antibiotics, added hormones and GMOs (genetically modified organisms)
  • are pasture-fed and raised
  • have been raised by specially licensed livestock producers (that are independently, third party accredited through the JBS Farm Assurance Program).

McConnell said despite Little Joe’s rare qualities, the JBS Farm Assurance Program’s exceptional producer base had shown the ability to consistently deliver the necessary high grading cattle all-year round.

“We purposely target a selection of producers for this brand, choosing farmers for their high standards and the pride they take in doing things the right way,” he says.

“This beef will make its way to only the most discerning of restaurant customers and diners. We will handpick the supply chain partners that will add the most value to the brand for everyone involved — from paddock to plate.”

Little Joe product will be sold in Australia and exported around the world

“We have great market access for this product and will be shipping it around the world to places including China, the United States, Japan, and the Halal markets in the Middle East and Malaysia,” says McConnell.



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