Only months after acquiring Urbanspoon, Zomato has announced that it will be launching into Australia’s takeaway food sector with the launch of its online ordering services in Melbourne.

Consumers will now be able to use the Zomato app or website to order takeaway meals from 400 restaurants across the city, a number which is expected to grow to over a thousand in the coming weeks.

“Zomato Order now gives diners a new option when using the platform by delivering Australia’s tastiest meals onto diners’ own tables, all at the tap of an app,” says Kate Parker, country manager for Zomato Australia.

“This is just one more way Zomato is helping diners to eat what they want, when they want, and takes the platform one step closer to being a fully integrated, one-stop-shop for every dining experience.”

According to Zomato, an order can be made and confirmed in just under a minute. Once the order has been confirmed, consumers will be able to track their meal all the way to their front door. For restaurants, Zomato’s ordering app will allow for real-time time control over their service offer, including when the business is open or closed, which menu items are available for delivery and the delivery time attached to each individual order.

In a unique move, each restaurant’s commission payable to Zomato will depend on the customers’ rating of the experience. The higher the rating, the lower the commission. Zomato believes that this will act as motivation for restaurants to deliver great service, rather than deep discounts.


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