Quick service restaurant franchise Zambrero opened its 50th Queensland restaurant this week, cementing the company’s position as Australia’s largest Mexican Franchise.

The 50th Queensland site, located in Robina brings the brand’s national restaurant total to 146, with 13,000,000+ meals given away as part of the company’s Plate 4 Plate initiative.

Queensland has been a strong growth market for the brand, with 32 restaurants launched in the last two and a half years. International expansion is also on the rise, with the brand launching a second Ireland-based store last month, a third due to open in late April and a further four expected over the coming six months.

“As it sits at present, we are seeing a growth of 40+ restaurants each year,” said Zambrero CEO, Karim Messih.

“And with further customer-centric innovations in the pipeline and a strong team of partners around us, we expect this growth rate to further increase over the coming year.

“Not only were we the first Mexican QSR to introduce a drive-through restaurant back in 2015, but we were also the first QSR in Australia to introduce the black-rice gluten free tortilla in late 2016 as part of our superfoods range.

“Our customers are the most important part of our business. So with every innovation we make, their wants and needs are always at the forefront.”

After opening the franchise’s first restaurant in 2005, Zambrero founder, Dr Sam Prince, has combined a successful business strategy with humanitarian goals to build a fast casual franchise that provides meals for those in need while influencing Australians' eating out habits. Read Hospitality’s profile here.

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