Sydney craft brewers, Young Henrys have developed a new bespoke beer known as the ‘Welcome Brew’ which will be served at Sydney’s Barangaroo Reserve throughout the month of September.

The brew was made in collaboration with Clarence Slockee, the Aboriginal Education Officer at Sydney’s Botanic Officer. Slockee provided Young Henrys with an insight as to what kinds of foods may have been available around the harbour at the time of the first Australians with the result being a copper ale crafted from a selection of native ingredients.

“To complement the nutty, slightly roasted character of the wattle seed we added Australian noble like hops of Helga and Sylva along with the earthy, spicy notes of Ella,” says Richard Adamson of Young Henrys.

“The result is a subtle, bright and lovely easy drinking ale that is sure to please the picnickers at Barangaroo.”


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