Young Henrys Brewing Company has announced a new limited release collaboration with Adelaide restaurant Africola and head chef Duncan Welgemoed.

Young Henrys brewer Hamish MacKenzie was tasked with bringing the collaboration to life, creating a unique combination of hops, malt and water, which resulted in a spicy, bold and citric, Young Henrys IPA.

The newest limited release beer from Young Henrys —the Africola Rock ’n’ Rola—is a rich, dark amber brew. With a citrus hop intro on the nose, with a fruity flavour across the tongue and warm alcoholic finish. It works well in a michelada, a Mexican cocktail of beer, hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, lime, and occasionally,tomato juice, served over ice with a salt rim – a favourite of Welgemoed’s.

Young Henrys co-owner Oscar McMahon said, “Duncan has the madness of mind and the rock n roll spirit that we love to be around. He's also a bloody good cook who doesn't mind the occasional one or two. After we met him we knew we'd have to do a beer together sometime.”

Africola Rock ‘N’ Rola launched on Friday 8 July at Adelaide Beer & BBQ Festival and will be available for a limited time on taps around the country from the following week. 

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